The Gay Texas Asian

Yep. The title pretty much covers what my ass is all about...shut up with your butt jokes.

Is it a superficial description? Yes. But underneath that superficiality is a very deep , deep individual...shut up with your deep butt jokes.

I'm a soon-to-be graduating senior (2 weeks everybody) in the middle of a fictional zone of Texas called Commerce. Where life will take me afterwards? Who knows. But I hope to hammer forward and hit the ground on all fours...shut up...oh never mind.

Interests....well, I guess that would have to be whatever is shiny at the moment.

Through tumblr, I hope to expand my worldview and learn to never be afraid to speak my mind (because on the internet, none of you are real).

Be ready for the superficial and the deep, because like a pool, it's sometimes better to dip your toes in before diving into the unknown and the wet...oh just say it.



This is mostly so I can keep track of all the interviews, I’m updating as more interviews get released.

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I’m sorry. I really am. But I do not understand.





I do not understand any of these things. Not because I have not tried. But at this point, I do not know who to believe. The media tells me one thing, the ranters and ‘experts’ another. I am not an expert.

I am a…

I can’t say I’m an expert on these matters, but you sound like a really compassionate person caught between two different phases of your life.  Good on you for your dream.  That is the way to help people, to help those that you can within your reach make their lives better.  Small acts like that are what is needed to counter tragic events like this.  No grand gestures are needed.

And don’t let anyone make you feel different.  To me, you might not be too knowledgeable about the why of every earthly event (and trust me as someone who tries to find out as much as he can, information overload can get to your head).  Maybe straight answers aren’t in reach right now.  But questions are always in reach and always ask them of everyone who is willing to answer.  It’s people that do go and try to understand that I’ll listen to moreso than any one claiming truth.


#HumanRights are #Universal #PeaceOnEarth By @makeinformedchoices “Just read the most hideously written article on mainstream media website in my country about israel trying to stop fighting and hurting civilians and blaming Gaza for it continuing..despite the article ending in “aid workers have found bombs in school” cant write an article promoting israels attacks based on their suggestions theyr avoiding civilians then state they have planted bombs in schools…. lets be real here they arnt avoiding civilians theyre aiming for them. #palestine #israel #gaza #stopthewar #genocide” via @PhotoRepost_app


   So, again; The Netherlands is first to make another step forward. The Netherlands was the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, back in April 2001. Now, in July 2014, The Netherlands is the first country in the world to open a transgender club, completely focused on transgenders.

   This is the poster for their grand (re)opening! (It was first a ‘regular’ club).

   Source. (Dutch website, translation will follow later on!)

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“Dogs are just animals, man. They see something like that, and they just snap. All bets are off right there. No more chasing sticks. …They just go primal, man. Same thing’s going to happen to us, it’s just taking longer.”



But a man can’t talk to his wife?

Fuck these people.

(spoilers ahead)

I would quickly find them annoying to, but damn it they got the biggest mysterious points to discuss (other than the sheriff’s flashbacks and questionable mental state.)

Why cigarettes? Why not speaking? Why are they following certain selected around and why did the head of the cult speak to Liv’s character? What is it that they are protesting?


Loved The Leftovers pilot. So excited to have a new show!!

Me too man, me too.  I’m so ready to join a community that is going to be discussing this show.

I just hope that it doesn’t get run into the ground like Lost has. 

I woke up today, catching up on this stabbing in Wisconsin of a girl nineteen times by two of her classmates.  First of all, this is a tragic affair,and it appears clear the two girls were suffering with serious psychological issues.  Whether that is related to the structure of their brains (which would in turn be related to their charges as adults or in juvenile court) will have to be investigated further. 

What seems to be the focal point of discussion is the fictional accounts of Slenderman that allegedly inspired this vile act. Fear among forums delineate along lines of reprisal against the video game, Youtube, and internet communities for allowing material that in effect, influenced (some even saying brainwashed) these 12 year old girls into violence.

1)  First of all, it is a sad state of affairs one lives in when it appears that any personal tragedy becomes an instant political and legal battlefield, thereby turning news outlets into media circuses.  As a murderer or shooter exploits the fear and harm inflicted upon individuals, we as a society seem to have no problem with the double level of exploitation that we allow our channels and political pundits to utilize for gain. 

2)  Within my very amateur attempts at research (though I like to pride myself on being a little more mindful than others), I do not immediately blame violence on movies and games.  I do believe that psychologically troubled or damaged minds have the possibility of being prone to violence.  These minds are not necessarily shaped by GTA, horror movies, or whatever else.  Rather, violent minds seek out the things in society that extol or show what they themselves desire or are curious about.  Troubled individuals will find troubling things to justify or give reason to their troubled situation. And it is a shame that so many commentators and even parents are so quick to point to the music they listen to, the books they read, the sites they visit, the movies they watch as the source.  When you view the world like that, liberty and freedom of thought and action are on the chopping block.

3)  By focusing on the little accessories of the situation, we lose sight of big details, the biggest being that these two girls are obviously going through psychological issues.  We discourage responsibility on the part of humanity by constantly blaming things on the fringe of an event, while ignoring obvious social and possible systemic patterns that are involved and need discussion like critical supervision of parents and school authorities and the missing aspect of mediators between media and kids to provide a critical analysis.

4)  Finally, if you fear that more kids will be exposed to these ‘satanic, ‘cultish’, or evil devices online, then how do you justify giving these very things the attention on a 24/7 spin cycle that encourages others to copycat and gain fame and notoriety from these acts? 







Last Wednesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a proposal for new rules that would allow for a “ fast lane” of Internet traffic for content providers who are willing (and able) to pay a fee. [1] The proposal reverses the FCC’s previous commitment to net neutrality and open internet and allows ISP’s like Comcast or Verizon to slow down and censor services that don’t pay the toll.

We have to be totally honest, this situation is seriously grim. But there is still hope. The FCC already knows that the Internet community wants net neutrality, but they think they can put their spin on these new rules and sneak them through. If we can prove them wrong right now with a massive public outcry, we can literally save the Internet once again.

We need to stop the FCC now. Big business groups are already ramping up lobbying efforts with the FCC in swarms since Wednesday’s announcement in support of censoring the open Internet and to ensure this dangerous proposal moves forward. [2]

This is a critical moment. In the last few weeks more than 65,000 people have taken action with us. Can you help us get to 80,000 by the end of the day today?

[1] Gautham Nagesh. “FCC to Propose New ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules”.

[2] Edward Wyatt. Edward Wyatt. “Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality”


we’re almost 3/4 of the way there!! c’mon guys, every bit counts!

will it ever stop

fucking signal boost



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the idea that showing any sort of positivity to any degree makes a person childish and senselessly optimistic and deserving of being made fun of is really fucking gross

It’s easy to laugh and hate.  The thing that takes real courage and strength is to be able to be kind and gentle when others won’t.

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Or just call the locksmith to the city. He’s really good at getting into the city.

Just make sure that you don’t lock the keys to the city in your car of the city…you’ll never hear the end of it. 

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None of my friends watch Fargo and I have no one to personally fangirl with and I feel like I’m gonna explode.

Well this fanboy wouldn’t mind fangirling with you :)


New trailer for Fargo episode 3 “A Muddy Road” (X)

Frosty treat from the frozen north…we going to see Lester’s i-sex-cicle.


no but like

  • someone could think you’re cool and want to be your friend right now
  • someone could be thinking about you right now
  • someone could want to talk to you right now
  • someone could have a crush on you right now

like you may think it’s impossible but think of all of the people you…

Someone could be masturbating to you right now

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